Custom Delivery Channel - External Library (dll)

Discussion created by AlexCote Champion on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by Mike Zboray

Hello vCampus,


I'm developing a Custom Delivery Channel for PI Notification and I encounter a possible difficulty: when the SEND override is triggered, I intend to capture the AFNotificationContentResults data and throw it to an external/referenced Windows Class Library (dll). FYI, the Dll contains configuration items, notification event buffering, and comm mechanism to different external systems (web services, DLLs, ...).


The Dll is NOT going to be on the same machine as the notification service but accessible through the network. Is it possible to handle this scenario and how?


I'm using VS 2010, .Net 3.5, PI/AF Server 2012, Notification 2012