Getting the value of an event frame attribute

Discussion created by jmbaute on Jun 19, 2013
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I am new to Pi and the AF SDK so I am stumbling along here. We have a need to generate a report based on the attributes of event frames. Using the SDK and the AFElement.GetEventFrames method, I get a collection of the event frames that occurred for my AF element. In debug, I am able to browse the object hierarchy and I see it is the correct event that I am looking for.


What I don't understand is how to access the VALUE of an attribute. For example, the event frame was an attribute called "Weight". Ultimately, I'd like to spit out the event frame data like name, start time, etc, along with the attribute values into an internal data structure for further calculation. Something like


[Event Frame Name], [Start Time], [End Time], [Weight]


Can someone point me in the direction of which objects/methods I would need to arrive at this goal? I don't need you to write code for me, just describe the steps in broad strokes.


Thanks in advance,