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    Coresight public displays on iPad

      Probably something extremely simple but I can't see it for looking.


      I had some public displays in Coresight by User A and User B.


      I then setup connection for the iPad to connect, and set security/user account etc. Works.


      I then have User C that makes a new display and makes it public but it doesn't appear on the iPad as an available display. Public displays from User A and User B are still visible.


      What gives?

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          Hi, Rhys.


          I have a few troubleshooting questions:


          1. If the same user logs into a desktop machine, are they able to see all three displays? (you can check the user name being used by the ap in the Coresight settings on the iPad)


          2. Is the url being used by the ap of the form http://<Coresight server name>/Coresight (found also in the Coresight settings)


          3. Have you tried completely closing the ap and restarting?  This can be done as follows: (1) - Double click the home button (2) - When the multitasking bar appears on the bottom of the screen, press and hold one of the icons until they begin to shake and a red minus sign appears in the upper left hand corner of each app (3) - Press the minus for the Coresight app (4) - Tap anywhere on the home screen to close the multitasking bar (5) - Launch the app again from the iPad screen


          4. Have you tried pressing the ? button in the upper right of the ap screen and sending the error log (the logs will be sent to the default email address of the iPad)?  If so, are there any error messages?  If so, please report back with errors and versions fo iOS and PI Coresight running on the application server.


          Please keep us posted.