PI WebPart 2010 R2 - PI Gauge WebPart Properties using querystring

Discussion created by csgrbc on Jun 26, 2013
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Hi All,


I am having issue with PI Gauage webpart properties set to default while using with querystring see the details below,


Step 1 -  I configured sharepoint page with PI Gauge webpart with custom scale(Min-0, Max-200) and in the legend properties i have only selected Value and Unit check boxes. It was pointed to \\\NYAF01\TEST_4\TEST_4\USA\Site\Electrical\RPPs\RPP_R34 and the querystring is defined as GAUGE. The sharepoint page URL is http://webserver/Shared Documents/testgauge.aspx




Step 2-  I also have RPP_R23 in the same AF database. So when I want to see the same data for any other RPPs, I am using querystring parameter in URL to pass the context path (AF Path for respective element) such as http://webserver/Shared Documents/testgauge.aspx?GAUGE=\\NYAF01\TEST_4\TEST_4\USA\Site\Electrical\RPPs\RPP-R23:


This is working and I am getting correct data from correct element using querystring but the issue is PI Gauge Webpart is not keep the custom settings I selected on sharepoint page http://webserver/Shared Documents/testgauge.aspx (such as custom scale, Legend properties - Value and Until) instead it is setting the PI Gauge Webpart to default settings (such as scale is set to Auto, and Legend all the check box are selected (default settings) while it should be only two check box should of been selected one for value and one for unit.


Does anyone know the work around to fix this issue? the only workaround I know is to create dedicated sharepoint pages for each asset (Element in AF) but this solution will affect scope of labor and manageability of site content. This option would be "Working hard" but "Not working Smart".


I greatly appreciate help.


 Mitul Patel.