Regarding Auto-update function of PI Graphic

Discussion created by H.Tokutake on Jul 2, 2013
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I manage PI system. It consists of PI server(2010), SharePoint server(2010), and WebParts(2010).
Collected data by PI server is shown by SharePoint server. Users always are accessing PI data by browser(IE).
PI data on browser is updated by PI Graphic function automatically.


However, we are facing problem that the clients experience session time out after periods with 1-3weeks.
Please help us to clarify a few points below to investigate such problem.


1. What sort of function is exactly used for PI Graphics to auto-update?
Does PI Graphics server plug “refresh” in HTML on client side, for instance?


2. If PI Grachics can detect such session time out, what is the criteria PI Graphic bases on ?


3. Can we customize communication frequency with Webparts of PI Graphics?
If yes, what procedure needs to take?


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