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    Webpart to write into AF attributes?


      Hi all,


      I’ve been asked to create a web interface that would let users write values in AF attributes. This would be constant string values, written only once and doesn’t change afterwards, but I guess it doesn’t make any difference in this case.


      So I’m looking at the different possibilities and the webparts are the first option right now. The AF treeview is the perfect webpart to access the attributes but I’m still not sure what to use at the other end. Is there a webpart that gives the possibility to write into AF? Before starting to create one, and I’m no Sharepoint expert by the way, I thought of asking first and see if a solution already exists. Any ideas?



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          @Philippe: PI Web Parts has no writing capabilities so far.


          Have you think of using PI Web Services to write back to an AF attribute? You would need to create a custom web part that supports connectivity with other web parts and invokes methods (like InsertPIData) exposed by PI Web Services.


          Can you expose what is your use case here?

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              Hi Mathieu, thanks for the answer.


              I was about to create a custom webpart but wanted to check what other people might suggest before doing so.


              I didn't thought of PI Web Services, good suggestion.


              The use case is fairly simple.


              We need to keep static information on instruments (model number, calibration, description, ...). A good place to store these values is in AF because we already have the equipments & instruments hierarchy defined there. Thus we only need to add a few more attributes under each instrument element.


              So we need a web interface where the end users can enter the values. The interface needs to have a browsing capabality (a treeview most probably) to select the instrument element that contains the attributes to update. Once it is selected, we need one or more controls to enter the values and send it to AF. A few input box will do the trick. Very basic stuff indeed.