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Discussion created by wpurrer on Jul 5, 2013
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Dear all, i try to build some ideas around using eventframes in a batch application.



  • I have 1..X Production Lines:
  • The lines doesn't have a real standardised "naming convention", that mean our "important temperature" has on line 1 the tagname line1.aaaaa.ccc and on line 2  line2.bbbb.ddd
  • each production line produces every couply of minutes a container with stuff in it!
  • my idea was to create a production "container template"   with my standard attributes "important temperature"
  • and  for each line a new derived "container line template" where the attribute is then mapped to the correct tag
  • and based on this "container line template" with some eventframes interface i generate my "event frames



A) i was supprised, because in the derived template i don't see my original in the Base tempalte created attribute


b) i was thinking if it is the best solution to "use do this " tagname / attribute abstraction in eventframes, maybe it is better to do it in AF ....


c) how good is really the performance ... i expect per year 300.000 Eventframes,...


does someone have any answers ?