Using Eventframes for Shiftbook,... applications

Discussion created by wpurrer on Jul 5, 2013

Dear all


we are still investigating about using eventframes for shift book applications, before we started this we looked also in a couple of products from Osisoft Partners,... it still looks like that nobody really uses eventframes as the database below ?? why is this ??


For myself i found also one reason because an evenftrames can at the moment only have two connected eventframes:

I really was thinking about using the eventframes really as an event plattform for the whole company.. but i very often run in this limitation


we have 3 Main eventframes structures


=> one which is basically a reporting event frame hierachy


--- Year / Month / Day / Shift


=> another one which is a more typicall batch event frame hierachy


---  production order / production unit


=> and my "events,..."  .... production disturbances, downtime,...




and now i freely want to interconnect this eventframes (by weak referenced eventframes,...)


- so one production disturbance is conncted to 10-15 production units and maybe also vice versa, then the sift,...


with this scenario... someone should go through this eventframes and start to ask questions ... you go to your shift eventframes ... you see all the connected disturbances in the eventframes list,... then you pick one production unit and see what maybe other eventframes a related to this and so one...  (and this all in the system explorer ... very userfriendly ... just by clicking on "Child References".


What do you think, do you also find this limit that you can only have 2 .. referenced eventframes  very limiting ....