AFAttribute GetValues

Discussion created by pt030 on Jul 13, 2013
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Hi guys


I'm not using .net4 so i'm quite constrained to the various calls that I can make on an attribute.  I'm trying to get the values for an attribute e.g event weighed


The method GetValues on an AFAttribute publicAFValuesGetValues(Objectcontext,AFTimeRangetimeRange,intnumberOfValues,UOMdesiredUOM)


In the documentation it says


The number of values desired. he behavior of GetValuesvaries based on the value of this parameter:

  • If 0, then all recorded values within the timeRange will be returned with an interpolated value at the start and end time, if possible.

Is it possible to not get the interpolated values at the start and end time or is there something on AFvalue that indicates whether a value is interpolated or not.


Or is there any other way of getting the event values in the .net3.5 version of the afsdk?