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    AF Notifications Delivery Message Format - Import Export


      G'day everyone


      I need to take regular backups of a particular AF Database which has numerous elements, element templates, Notification templates, notifications and numerous complex Delivery Message formats for use with the notifications etc. 


      The problem is if I restore a backup the message formats do not exist. And I would have to manually recreate them each time.


      How can I backup the Notification Message formats that I have created in the Notification Settings - Delivery Formats


      Any Ideas?



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          The delivery formats live in the Configuration database. If you go an look under OSIsoft\PIANO\DeliveryFormats in the Configuration Database you will find you custom one. Therefore, you simply need to back this database up.

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              My previous response may have been a bit terse. First this sort of question is probably better answered by techsupport than people like me. However, as I opened the can I will see if I can help. How are you backing up the AF Database?


              If you are baking up the SQL database (PIFD by default) then the configuration "database" will be getting backed up; all the AF "databases" are stored in the same SQL database. A restore would then bring the formats back. If this is the case then something else is happening, and I would say that techsupport is your friend.


              If you are using a script to backup the AF database by exporting to xml then you will need to export the configuration database. Bear in mind that the configuration database requires administrator rights to even see it. If you are doing this I would recommend reverting to an SQL backup. AF actually creates a SQL agent job for backing up on installation.

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