Suggestions to Split an Event Frame time range?

Discussion created by brendanbell on Jul 16, 2013
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Hi All,


I am working with Event Frames, and I want to be able to take a given EventFrame with a start and end time, and then create 1 or more child EventFrames - the split occurs if the EventFrame spans 10 AM of a given day.


So for example, if I have an Event Frame that begins 7/1/2013 8:00 AM and ends 7/2/2013 12:00 PM - I would want to create the following child EventFrames:

  1. 7/1/2013 8:00 AM  to 7/1/2013 10:00 AM
  2. 7/1/2013 10:00 AM to 7/2/2013 10:00 AM
  3. 7/2/2013 10:00 AM to 7/2/2013 12:00 PM

Are there any classes in the AF SDK that would facilitate breaking out the duration as described above?


I was looking at the AFTimeRule, but the documentation is a little sparse.