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In a VB.NET application that has been evolving since 2006, I had some older dlls, version for PISDK, PISDKCommon, PISDKTimeServer, and PISDKDlg. These I retained in a separate directory for developmental use.  Now, on Win7 64 bit, the PISDKDig was not recognizing the PIServer.Connection object.  I put the newer dlls into the VB.net project reference, and set the Connection object into a try/catch, so that users with 64 bit machines would be OK.


Now I am getting these warnings from the VB.NET environment:


 Warning 1 Referenced assembly 'C:\Program Files\PIPC\pisdk\PublicAssemblies\OSIsoft.PISDK.dll' targets a different processor than the application.


If I revert to the older dlls, the warning goes away.  But how can I use the new dlls without getting these warnings.  I think that part of the problem is that my developer machine is not 64 bit, so Wow64 is not implemented.  Do I have to get a 64 bit developer machine in order to resolve this?


Should I direct this question here, or to OSIsoft tech support?  I figured this team may be the most knowledgeable on using dlls in VB.net, so I thought I would start here.