Time zones and UTC in AF

Discussion created by powellr on Jul 18, 2013
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I'm having some issues attempting to store a UTC time value in AF.


We have many sites situated in different time zones and are hoping to utilize element relative displays through AF. Obviously when pulling data from PI or through AF the timestamps are converted to the clients local time. It would however be beneficial to also have a reference to the local time of the site which you are looking at.


So far a solution is to have a UTC time offset value for each site. This is used to adjust the current UTC time obtaining the sites timezone. At the moment however the current UTC time stamp is generated programmatically within ProcessBook, so naturally will only work within ProcessBook.


As other tools such as WebParts and Coresight are in use it would be desirable to have a solution that works purely within AF.The main issue and the fulcrum for the whole solution is how to store a reference to the current UTC time that can be obtained through AF?


One solution i have attempted was to use the example string concatenation data reference for AF. Supplying the %UTCTime% place holder generates a time stamp unfortunately this appears to be adjusted to local time when being called which defeats the purpose


Another solution i have yet to try is to simply have a PI Tag that stores the current UTC time value, however i was hoping for something a little simpler


Is there something much more obvious I'm overlooking?


Has anyone else attempted something similar, and what was their solution?


Many thanks