Updating PI Values Using ProcessBook

Discussion created by tmcclure on Jul 19, 2013
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The basic concept behind this project is that one of our users came to us explaining that they are trying to expand their ProcessBook displays to contain pipeline valves.  Valves can be turned on and off by field technicians and we currently have no way of tracking that.  Our user asked if there was anything we could do with ProcessBook and here is my idea...


I know that with ProcessBook, you can include VBA script.  I don't use ProcessBook a lot, so I am not extremely familiar with all the features, but I have used VBA,  What I'd like to try is creating some sort of button titled "Toggle Valve" or something that a user can click to indicate that they are opening or closing a valve.  That would trigger a change in the tag value in PI, updating to the value they wanted.  Directly below the button, we would obviously display the value so the user could see whether or not it was currently opened or closed.


Another option is a button that took them to an aspx page where a similar function would be done.  This would just be an external site where we could control everything, instead of doing it all through the button.


With both, we'd have to tie in security through Active Directory, but that shouldn't be a challenge.


I know this is a fairly small project and probably something that has been done by many.  I wanted to put it out here to get some feedback on what others use and maybe get some examples.