Element attribute aggregation

Discussion created by aommeren on Jul 23, 2013
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I have an element structure defining many process-units.
These are all based on a template and have (for example) 3 attributes, Product, ProductGroup and LastDayProduction


To put it simple: I want to totalize the Produced tons for each ProductGroup.
There are 8 ProductGroups so I would want to see 8 "attrubutes" holding the totals.


I know how to do this for my reports (SSRS and PI OLEDB Enterprise).


But now I want to be able to trend these totalized values and also be able to use notifaications when the target for a ProductGroup is not met. Therefore I need the results in my AF structure as attributes.

Can this be done? Can an AF analysis rule be applied and how can I unlock that feature. I am quite new to this advanced part of AF.
Or do I have to write an ACE calc to perform the query and write the result to a PI tag that is used as a PI Point reference?