Redirect PI-access through Port-forwarding

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we have the problem that our PI-server lives behind a firewall outside the network. We access the Data on the PI-Server through PI/AF which is inside the  network. Unfortunately it is not enough the enable access to port 5450 from the PI/AF server to the PI-server in the firewall. All PI/AF clients will collect the information from   the PI/AF server on the PI-point (tag and server) and connect directly to the PI-server on port 5450. Unfortunately it is not possible open port 5450 for traffic from all possible clients to the PI-server. One solution would be to configure the PI-Points on the AF-server to connect to a machine inside the network and then forward all traffic on port 5450 on that machine to the PI-server , port 5450.  Could such a solution work?


I tried it: But I keep on getting the response


[-10727] PINET: RPC is Non-Existent.


Any advice on this topic is much appriciated!