Browsing PI/AF Model Elements through PI DataLink not possible

Discussion created by IPCOSRumaila on Jul 26, 2013
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We  have a PI/AF structure which involves Model Elements. We use these to build a network between the elements below the Model Element.  To our surprise we found that when exploring  the PI/AF structure using the PI DataLIink plugin for Excel we could not browse the model Elements. Through Support we found out that  browsing Model Elements this way is actually not possible!


Indeed the DataLink (version 2013) manual states that :


“The browse pane is on the left side of the Search tool. The browse pane shows what the current search scope includes (the top of the window shows the corresponding scope path). For scopes in a PI AF server, the browse pane only shows databases, elements, or attributes that contain attributes in the hierarchy beneath them. Therefore, the browse pane will never list elements or attributes with no child attributes”


Seems like this has to be interpreted quite strictly. Model Elements are not mentioned here and the browser  does not show them.


For us it would be more natural that these Model-Elements would be treated by DataLink as normal Elements: showing them in the browser  and ability to access it's attributes. It is interesting for us to understand why this is not possible and learn about the future plans of OsiSoft development on this topic.


Thanks in advance.