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Hi guys,


I have an issue with AF and would like to have some help from you.


I have a function which use SetValue() for write value in AFAttribute. Those attributes in which I was writing have datareference to a PIpoint and it was working very well.


My issue has occurred  when I started to use AFAttributes without DataReferences. When I try to put a new value, it doesn’t work.


I would like to store some values in AFAttributes which hasn’t any datareferences. Is it possible?




For information, I was using something like this before in my ACE module:


        Dim oObjectAF As OSIsoft.AF.AFObject


        Dim oAttribut As OSIsoft.AF.Asset.AFAttribute


        Dim oTimeStamp As OSIsoft.AF.Time.AFTime


        Dim oAFValue As OSIsoft.AF.Asset.AFValue


        Dim tHeureExecution As Date


             oObjectAF = OSIsoft.AF.AFObject.FindObject(Me._sPathAF)


            oAttribut = CType(oObjectAF, OSIsoft.AF.Asset.AFAttribute)


            oTimeStamp = New OSIsoft.AF.Time.AFTime(tHeureExecution)


            oAFValue = New OSIsoft.AF.Asset.AFValue(Me.ValeurDouble, oTimeStamp, oAttribut.DefaultUOM)






It could be great if you have some idea to help me.






PS: AFSDK v2.4.0.4431