Import Custom Database Objects via AFSDK

Discussion created by on Jul 29, 2013
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Hi Team


There is a problem with importing custom database objects (such as Views, Transpose Functions and Transpose Function Tables which are stored in the PI AF Configuration database) to another system via AFSDK. I have a program which exports AF Database to xml file via ExportXml function and imports it to another system via ImportXml function. But all my views and tables developed in PI SQL Commander are disappeared. I know that we have an opportunity to import custom database objects in PI SQL Commander using import wizard but it is a manual operation which seems to be not applicable. I need to do it by means of my program. I tried to export Configuration database to xml and to import it to another system via ImportXml function but such way does not work properly.


Does anyone know the proper way of importing custom database objects not using PI SQL Commander?


Thank you for your replies.