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    Getting started with C# and AFSDK


      I need to get up to speed on using the AF SDK from within a C# windows forms application.  My past work with the PI-SDK was through the native interface.  I downloaded and installed the AF Server and Client, the development tools, and have even played around in the virtual lab environment.  My main problem is that I only know enough PI to be dangerous.  I am trying to learn what I need to know to use the AF SDK to search Elements for PI-TAG attributes.  I could use some guidance on combing through the mountain of documentation so that I can come up with a targeted list of help that can be my focus.  If someone knows of a sample program that actually does such a thing that lives in a sample repository then that would be awesome.


      I find myself getting lost because I am forced to use .NET and C#, neither of which do I have much experience.  I'd appreciate some helpful tips on the best way to move forward. 

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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Andy,


          As you don’t know C# and .NET pretty well, I would start learning this language first.  I personally recommend you reading a book about it (or at least some parts of it), mainly about the language itself which should be covered on its first chapters.


          Even if you take more time to learn the language as you are reading a book, you will code more quickly when you start developing your application.


          Concerning PI AF SDK, I recommend you taking a look in a hand-on from vCampus Live! 2012 called “Accessing PI AF Server and PI Server using the PI AF SDK”, which could be downloaded from the Download Center under “Extras” category.  It contains a lot of interesting examples using PI AF SDK. The vCampus web sites as well as PI AF Developer Tools (which contains the programming reference for PI AF SDK) are your best friends to help you clarify your PI AF SDK doubts. PI AF Developer Tools could be downloaded also through Download Center under “PI Asset Framework” category.


          Hope this helps you!