Getting started with C# and AFSDK

Discussion created by abantly on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by Gregor

I need to get up to speed on using the AF SDK from within a C# windows forms application.  My past work with the PI-SDK was through the native interface.  I downloaded and installed the AF Server and Client, the development tools, and have even played around in the virtual lab environment.  My main problem is that I only know enough PI to be dangerous.  I am trying to learn what I need to know to use the AF SDK to search Elements for PI-TAG attributes.  I could use some guidance on combing through the mountain of documentation so that I can come up with a targeted list of help that can be my focus.  If someone knows of a sample program that actually does such a thing that lives in a sample repository then that would be awesome.


I find myself getting lost because I am forced to use .NET and C#, neither of which do I have much experience.  I'd appreciate some helpful tips on the best way to move forward.