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    OSI PI software vs. OPNET software  - IT Monitor capabilities


      Anyone know anything about OPNET software which can be used to monitor IT  networks and applications? The reason this is on the OSI VCampus sight--- I have a request to compare OSI PI software to a relatively new product called OPNET for use in monitoring IT networks .... I use OSI PI Perfrmon and SNMP, but I have been asked to see what capabilities OPNET would have in comparison to OSI PI.... thus my questions "Does anyone know anything about OPNET in comparison to OSI PI?"

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          Hello Mark,


          Without knowing anything about OPNET, I see the following advantages for PI MCN Health from the perspective of a customer owning a PI System:


          1. Integration
          The PI MCN Health package is already included within the current PI System license type (PI Server). PI MCN Health interfaces are native PI Interfaces. There exists a PI System Management (SMT) plug-in for configuration. The PI ProcessBook integration allows automatic display creation.


          2. Health History
          Per default PI Points serviced by MCN Health interfaces are configured for archiving. This helps to see how a particular issue may have developed over time.


          3. Further data treatment
          Because of the integration into the PI System you can take advantage of using calculation engines (PI Performance Equations, PI ACE, PI Totalizer), describe your infrastructure within AF, create Event Frames, Notifications, use PI Alarm for further data treatment.


          4. Reporting
          Besides ProcessBook you can use other clients like PI DataLink, PI Coresight, PI WebParts ...


          5. Costs
          There are no additional licensing costs except those for additional PI Points (if needed).