Event and Data Extraction : PI-Notifications, Event Pipes, Linked SQL server or OPC DA/HDA. Which is best ?

Discussion created by McGuin on Aug 8, 2013
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PI Notifications is one method of getting event driven notifications of changes in TAG data to external systems.  I've used Notifications to set thresholds against many TAGs and developed an End Point Web Service Delivery channel to expose these events to an external system.  The objective is, we need to be able to create and monitor a huge number of alarms and event in PI and get this data to an external client application.  Simply put, we want to use PI for alarm management.  Get 1000's of TSV feeding PI and create rules against these TSV Tags so we can display them on a bespoke alarm management system.


My team are trying to determine how best can you access the data stored in PI, store configuration and threshold data in AF and then have a system which compares TAGs to AF Data to generate events and alarms to send to an external system.


The goal is, how can we monitor and compare upto 100,000 TAGs against AF configuration data and send TAG data to an external system.  Get PI data is easy.  Getting a lot of PI data out of PI and then the AF efficiently seems to be a bit more tricky.  We are looking at the following:




- Event Pipes