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    Interface Problems




      I have recently installed the vCampus version of PI 2012 and have run into a wal with the install/configuration of the MCN Health interfaces.  Upon creation of the interfaces, the interface status in ICU is reporting that the "ICU did not find a PI-Interface Utility registered that manages points on server xxxxx"  I am getting this error on both the server which has PI installaed as well as an interface node.  I also noticed that the Tag Status is "Not Created" and all of the options in the status screen are greyed out.


      Can somebody point me to where I should start looking to correct this issue?




      André Brisebois

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          This error might be caused when you have no PI Interface Status Utility (ISU).  Please go to techsupport .osisoft.com to download it in "Download Center", and install it on your PI server node.


          Xi Wang


          v-Campus team

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              Hello Andre,


              PI ICU stores configuration in the Module Database (MDB). Have you installed PI 2012 with or without MDB?


              To access the configuration in MDB, PI ICU must connect with appropriate privileges what should be the case with local connections as long as the !Proxy_127! trust is in place but I could also imagine PI ICU connects based on a mapping for the domain user logged on to the OS. Can you verify the "Identity" showing within PI Network Manager Statistics ICU plug-in for the PI ICU connection?

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                I cannot seem to find the utility.  All that comes up under ISU are the release notes, manual and training materials.