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    Increasing GetPISummaryData value return limit


      Hi All,


      I am having a few issues trying to find where/how to increase the current limit of values which are returned from GetPISummaryData, which appears to havea  default of 400. I have been able to increase the GetPIArchiveData limit, however I cannot find a similar variable to adjust for summary data.


      I am looking to increase the value to 9600.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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          Hi Chris,


          I just looked into PI Web Services 2012 User Guide and found GetPISummaryData method requires an array of PISummaryDataRequest objects.My understanding is that for GetPISummaryData, PISummaryDataRequest  must be of type PISummaryManner which supports the following enumerations:


          • Average (default)
          • Count
          • Minimum
          • Maximum
          • PStdDev (Population Standard Deviation)
          • Range
          • StdDev
          • Total


          What kind of Summary are you querying or even better, how do your PISummaryDataRequest objects look like that you pass with GetPISummaryData?


          Please try querying the (event) count for the same period. What's the result?

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              Hi Gregor, thanks for the quick reply,


              Just as first note, we are currently using 2010 R3 (probably should have mentioned).


              I think I perhaps wasnt very clear either with my initial description, I am only querying data for a single tag at a time, so my request array only contains a single object. I am looking for a sample of 9600 values over the last 400 days (effectivly every hour).


              I am using the following query:




              PISummaryDataRequest[] requests = new PISummaryDataRequest[1];


                             PISummaryManner sumManner = new PISummaryManner();


                             PISummaryDataRequest sumReq = new PISummaryDataRequest();


                             TimeRange sumTR = new TimeRange();


                             sumManner.WeightType = PISummaryMannerWeightType.TimeWeighted;


                             sumManner.SummaryValue = PISummaryMannerSummaryValue.Maximum;


                             sumManner.Intervals = numValues; //9600 for this example                


                             sumTR.Start = startTime.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"); // using 400 Days ago


                             sumTR.End = endTime.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"); // using DateTime.Today


                             sumReq.TimeRange = sumTR;


                             sumReq.PISummaryManner = sumManner;


                             sumReq.Path = sTag;


                             requests[0] = sumReq;






              If I set it to 400 values, it returns absolutly fine, it is only when I request more than 400 values where I get the error.


              The totals number of Events in the time range is 611,901 (for this reason why I am asking for the summary data :) )


              Thanks again,