Custom Data Reference using PI Data Link gives me "Resize to show all values". Recalculate does not work

Discussion created by IPCOSRumaila on Aug 14, 2013
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I'm working with a Custom Data Reference. It implements the Data-functions (among others:  RecordedValues). This functionality works fine with PI Explorer. When using the Custom Data Reference with PI Data Link within Excel 2013 In one specific circumstance I get "Resize to show all values". This is when using "Compressed Data" together with Time range.   The count is shown and is correct. Right clicking on this result and selecting "Recalculate (Resize) function"  again calls the RecordedValues-function but again shows no values, only the same count and "Resize to show all values". Switching off this message in the settings, then gives me only the count and the  first value.  When using   "Compressed Data" with Number of values I can see the values, but then the maximum number of samples are indeed known in advance. 


When using a PI-point or a Linked Table with PI Data Link with the same options, It never gives me the "Resize" message, so there is something wrong with my Custom Data Reference? Maybe there some function I need to  implement and add to  SupportedMethods / SupportedDataMethods?  Summary and Filters are currently not implemented.


The Formula created by DataLink is {=PCOMPDATA(..)} and it calls the RecordedValues-function in the Custom Data Reference. I'm using Excel 2013.


Any Ideas?