Could use some AF controls samples/help

Discussion created by seneschal on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by tseiferth

I am not really picking up from the help files how to do these things so I am hoping someone will post some sample code, or directions.  


I am looking into the various VS2012 controls that PI makes available, and I am trying to do the following.


- Create a AFDatabasePicker and a AFTreeView on a WinForm.


- Populate the database picker drop down control with the available AF databases.


- Once a AF database is selected, populate the treeview with the same stuff you see in PI System Explorer


- And clicking on a node would yield an object to work with (AFElement if they clicked on an Element, etc)


I'm sure this is all very easy. but I've been sifting though control documentation for a while and can't quite get it.