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    vCampus exclusive webinars...

      ...have gone disappointingly quiet. 


      It would be good if there were some more. 


      Some momentum gathering on the forums with PowerShell, would be good to have a couple more PowerShell webinars. 


      Another on the new DataLink with Event Frames.


      Look back at 2011 in the auditorium, we should have that frequency every year.

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          Ahmad Fattahi



          Thanks for the suggestion. We are aware of this need and are discussing internally a few ideas. I would like to use this as a segway to this broader discussion on how to get the community even more active in various dimensions. It looks like the technical conversations and cases are very active and deep into technology; excellent! These other content aspects, such as your suggestion, can be improved. As we are working internally to come up with new and more contents I am wondering what the community thinks are effective ways to make progress.