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    How to grant permission to create PI Point through AF SDK?   to fix error "Insufficient privilege to access the PI Server."


      Hi, I am getting this error message in code when trying to create PI Tag in af model created through AF SDK.


      Currently af db is granting permission below - code snippet



      sDescriptor = sDescriptor + string.Format("|{0}:A(r,w,rd,wd,d,x,a,s,so)", newAfDb.PISystem.CurrentUserName);
                      oSecurityAF.SetSecurityString(sDescriptor, true);
                      newAfDb.GetSecurity(AFSecurityItem.Element).SetSecurityString(sDescriptor, true);
                      newAfDb.GetSecurity(AFSecurityItem.ElementTemplate).SetSecurityString(sDescriptor, true);



      How do I grant current user to have permission to create PI Tag, hence update and insert time series data into PI?




      Many thanks