Create Labels with (hiperlink) to trends...

Discussion created by rodolfome on Aug 27, 2013
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I trying to make some displays with 200 tags, and i need to add AdHoc Trend to each symbol... when the user clicks on the label, the processbook must open an AdHoc Trend with XYZ tag.


Then i made a VB Function... to create a label... and calls it 200 times...


Function createLabel(tagname As String, pTop As Integer, pLeft As Integer) As String
    Dim lbl As Text
    piServer = "\\pi01\"
    Set lbl = ThisDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolText)
    lbl.Contents = tagname
    lbl.BackgroundColor = -1
    lbl.LineColor = pbBlack
    lbl.Font.Name = "Arial"
    lbl.Font.Size = 12
    lbl.Top = pTop
    lbl.Left = pLeft + 60
End Function


so how i want to add "hiperlink" to each label... to open AdHoc Trend (with lbl.Contents as TAG)


can i do that ? ^^


regards, and sorry about the poor english.