Buffer Session Name Differ from PI server Name

Discussion created by wclai on Aug 29, 2013
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just curious whether anyone encountered this type of problem before and how you solve it? The buffering refuse to work due to DDNS. if i use host name, the buffering works.




i was doing some testing about PI buffering using PI-SDK and i found this problem. i'm connecting to the PI server(PISERVER) from another computer(PINODE) using DDNS(XXX.DLINKDDNS.COM).




PI Server Name : PISERVER


Computer running the PI Buffer Subsystem : PINODE


I'm using PI Server 2012, PI SDK


29-Aug-13 15:35:44
pibufss.exe>PI-API (7732) - XXX.DLINKDDNS.COM> Starting buffer server...


29-Aug-13 15:35:48
pibufss.exe>PI-API (7732) - XX.DLINKDDNS.COM> Session [PISERVER] now running, status: Registered