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Unexplained number of results returned in call to AFData.InterpolatedValues

Discussion created by Roger Palmen on Aug 29, 2013
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Hi All,


Continuing my development, i stumbled upon some behaviour i cannot explain. I use a call to AFData.InterpolatedValues but that always returns one more result than expected based on the AFSDK documentation. Examples:

  • A full year, with a one day interval: Timerange * to *-1y, and interval = 1d. Returns 366 values, expecting 365 (non-leap year).
  • Maybe it's a boundary issue: let's drop a second: Timerange *-1s to *-1y, and interval = 1d. Returns 366 values, expecting 365 (non-leap year).
  • Well, lets drive it down to the extreme: Timerange * to *, and interval = 1d. Returns 2 values, expecting 1.
Based on the documentation, i cannot explain the results and it even looks like a bug because one of the two results in the last case has a timestamp outside the given boundary. Anyone any ideas?
        private void btnCalculateSummaries_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //Get parameters from GUI
            AFElement targetElement = (AFElement) afBasePicker1.AFSelection;
            AFTimeRange timerange = new AFTimeRange(txtTimeRangeStart.Text, txtTimeRangeEnd.Text);
            AFTimeSpan interval = new AFTimeSpan();
            interval = AFTimeSpan.Parse(txtInterval.Text);
            //Get the attribute
                //Get Element of selected TreeNode
                AFElement treeElement = (AFElement)afTreeSelection;
                txtElement.Text = treeElement.Name;
                //Get attribute from Attribute selectionbox
                string AttributePath = treeElement.GetPath() + "|" + txtInputForSum_Attribute.Text;      
                AFAttribute attr = AFObject.FindObject(AttributePath) as AFAttribute;

                AFValues results = attr.Data.InterpolatedValues(timerange, interval, null, null, false);
                double sumResult = 0;
                foreach (AFValue result in results)
                    sumResult = sumResult + (double) result.Value;
                string firstResultTime = results.First().Timestamp.ToString();
                string lastResultTime = results.Last().Timestamp.ToString();
                txtResult_CalculateSummaries.Text = sumResult.ToString();
                txtResultStats.Text = "# of results: " + results.Count.ToString();
                txtResultStats.Text =  txtResultStats.Text + Environment.NewLine + "First result: " + firstResultTime;
                txtResultStats.Text = txtResultStats.Text + Environment.NewLine + "Last result: " + lastResultTime;
            catch (Exception Ex)