Backfill PI Data

Discussion created by altman80 on Aug 30, 2013
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We set up our PI Server in Dec 2011.  Before that we had a different historian.  It has been on my list for a while to try and import the data from the other historian but I haven't had the time to get to it yet.  We are being asked to obtain some of that data now and I would like to get that data in PI so in addition I can shut down those old servers holding the data prior to 2011.  I am currently running PI 2010 but plan to upgrade to 2012 prior to doing this.  I found some documentation on the topic but have a few questions with it.  Referring to the following document


Step 2 says to make sure current data is not being sent to the tag from the interface.  I can't stop the current data from coming in to the system while I do the import.  I need current data to keep coming in.  Is there a way around this? 


On step 7 it says to delete the Pt Created event.  The Pt Created event should probably be in Dec 2011.  So do I have to delete that event prior to importing the data?


The document doesn't talk about creating archive files, but my first archive file has a start date of Dec 2011.  Prior to doing this, do I need to make archive files with start/end dates before that?  Should I make for example, one archive file for each month that I plan to import?  Is there a quick way to make archive files, I will be importing multiple years of data?


Once everything is set up I plan to write a .Net program using PI OLEDB to insert the data.