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    Can Coresight time travel?

      More specifically, I would like the ability to switch the time zone context to be that of one of many connected PI & AF Servers that sit in multiple time zones - and not always use my client's time zone. Similar to the Client/Server time zone facility of ProcessBook.


      If I sit in time zone A, another user in time zone B, with a PI Server in time zone C, then when talking with the user it is easy to interpret conversations within the context of our client times that are different to each other. Even if we talk in terms of times of the PI Server time zone we still need to mentally convert to our client's time zone and be mindful of that in conversations.


      What happens if we programatically create a display and set the COG time context to 01-Jan-2013 00:00:00 to 02-Jan-2013 00:00:00, is that converted & stored as UTC in the CoreSight database so the display when opened is the correct context for each client in different time zones? (I haven't tested this yet.)

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          Another great suggestion that we like and have heard a number of times.  (Funny quote my mother always said to me; "Great minds think alike, or Fools seldom disagree"  :-))  


          We are actually considering a fairly simple enhancement along these lines right now.  The proposal is the allow a time zone setting on a per display basis.  The time zone for a display will be set in one of three ways; 1) the current method we have today where the time zone of the client machine is used.  This would continue to be the default and would only change if one of the other two methods are employed, 2) a new URL parameter will be added that will specify a time zone for the display. 3) a new UI will be added to the display chrome that will let the user specify a time zone for the display, this setting will override the other two time zone settings.


          Barrowing from your use case above; You are in time zone A, a colleague is in time zone B, and the equipment in question is in time zone C.  With the new feature you and your colleague might each set the time zone for a particular display to time zone C, that way when you say "see that spike in the trend at 2:00pm", you will both be looking at the same thing, and you will be looking at the data in the time zone of the equipment.


          What do you think?  Will that satisfy your request for time travel?  :-)


          And before you start talking about overlay trends and multiple time axis, just let me agree that that is also a great feature that we need to add to PI Coresight.  We have plans for that as well, but that is a much bigger effort than the time zone feature we are talking about here (though time zones is certainly one of the use cases for how/why you might overlay different time ranges).

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              Sounds great Tom, so long as we're not waiting for 6 months


              For 3 would we be able to inherit the timezone of a PI or AF Server? So we don't have to be explicit in setting that, we simply say "use Server 001's timezone". Maybe that should be a 4th option?


              Anyway I like the sound of what you guys are working on there, and yes I was saving the multiple time axis for my reply but you knew that