SharePoint  WebParts Performance Problems

Discussion created by JohnFors on Aug 30, 2013
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The project includes an AF model of RTU's (Remote Terminal Units electrical industry equivalent to PLC)  connection to communication Circuits (Circuits are Children of RTU's).  The infrastructure monitoring group is requiring to see what RTU's are out of communication due to circuit problems. 


The displays are two web part pages, one with a PI-Table part driven by a OLEDB dataset which queries for the state of the RTU filtered for the COMDown state.  The table/query generates a URL in one field, to the RTU detail page where the URL includes two AF-Paths for the URL query portion.  The two AF paths provide the Area where the RTU is and the second is the AF-Path to the RTU Element itself. 


The RTU Detail page has the Tree View web part which is WebPart connected to drive three different Pi Value parts.  The Treeview webpart has two levels the top level is the Area which is webpart connected to the URL query portion, the second level is selected via the second URL query parameter to display the correct RTU driven by a click on the first page table. 


When the AF model build included 1 area and 10 RTU's this connect set of displays worked but was slow.  Now I've built out the model to include 1 area and 50 RTU's the RTU detail page times out and doesn't draw at all.  This project is to include 3 areas with over 400 RTU's in each area. 


I'm asking if there are performance tuning for the SharePoint, IIS or PI-AF that can be done to make this senario work.  Have others seen limits in the number of elements the TreeView webpart can handle.  I'm presuming the TreeView is the performance problem along with Sharepoint itself.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.