Running high number of Notifications and the implications

Discussion created by chris_capula on Sep 13, 2013
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Hi All,


I have just set up PI Notifications system against a 2012 AF Server we are running, and I am about to create the notifications.


We have been supplied with rules which would require the creation of in excess of about 65,000 notifications, and I was wondering if anybody had run a system with this many notifications before, because it does seem a lot, and if you have, what were your experiences?


Due to the nature of some of the notifications and assets, we do have an option to potentially cut them down a little (if its possible) where we can add about 6 of the variables to a single notification, with an OR Condition, and then just raise a notification on the asset, rather than the actual varibale itself. Although this way is a little less informative to the user, it could cut our notification count down to around 15,000. Has anyone tried, or know of any issues in running notifications with a large OR Condition (approx 7 or 8 tests), and would this actually be a more efficient way of doing it rather than having seperate notifications for each.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated,