Event Frame Error adding Parent

Discussion created by brendanbell on Sep 16, 2013
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I am developing an application using Event Frames, and currently have 2 levels of Event Frames: Raw (child) event frames are generated first, and then Steady State (parent) are generated based of the Raw event frames.


I am experiencing a problem when I delete the steady state (parent) event frames through Explorer a couple of times (part of the development process).. then when I try to create a new relationship, i get an error:


Cannot add Event Frame 'Pavonia-Unit01-2013-06-01T00:01ChildTemplate' to Event Frame 'Pavonia-Unit01-2013-06-01T00:01-ParentSteadyState' because it already has two parents.


I have tried various approaches to deleting the references through the SDK rather than Explorer, but not had much success. Can anyone explain this behavior?