Query String Support for Asset relative displays in Coresight

Discussion created by AjayKareethara on Sep 17, 2013
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Hi There




I am exploring the query string support capabilities of coresight.


I have a  navigation requirement that need to land on a predefined coresight display that is based on templates.


Say for example I have created a display based on a boiler named 101 .


Lets call this coresight display as Boilerdisplay


Additionaly I  have other boliers 102 , 103 etc  based on the same element template as that of 101.


We have a custom build navigation screen build leveraging the AF hierarchies and our requirement t is that in the navigation screen if we select the boiler 103 and Boilerdisplay we need to navigate to Coresights Boilerdisplay and show the information for boiler 103 and not 101.


Is there query string support to achieve this?


Is there any other way to achieve this functionality other that PI web part?.