PI Security BaseLine Tool and KB00884 - PI System daily health check

Discussion created by wpurrer on Sep 17, 2013

Hi @all


At first greetings from the UC from Paris, my result from the first day, so far one of the best UC in EMEA (a lot of issues from barcelona are fixed ...)


One question or suggestion:

  • There exists a "base line security tool" (which automates the task a pi admin should do regulary)
  • Generally i find, it is a good idea to provide such automated tool to check the configuration
  • the funny thing is a couple of days later in the "Techsupport newsletter" the following KArticle was referenced (KB00884 - PI System daily health check)
  • Why for a security check (which maybe isn't everyone top concern  and for sure isn't necessary every day)
  • and on the other side for some simple steps like checking there are no archive gaps (which regarding the KB the  "PI Admin should do daily")
    OSIsoft provides a 7 page and 1400 words "KB - Note" but no automated tool
  • i think instead of the KB article a tool (maybe a powershell script should be provided)
  • maybe this tool can be provided by  OSIsoft, because the know their system best (because also the best trained "PI Admin" => which was "maybe" trained a couple othf years ago, doesn't remember everything or isn't up to date
  • The tools next to the issues in the KB - article should maybe also provide some hints regarding performance optimization of the system ( increase parameter X because of only have a cache hit rate of x
  • maybe the tool can be based on the security tool, and "open source" so others also can add their "experience" and recommendation (when your pi archive shifts every two hours ... increase your archive size)
  • @ Vcampus team (when do we get the first release of this "KB000884 + Tool)