AF SDK Events on AFElement level

Discussion created by veljovic on Sep 23, 2013
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I have the folowing situation:


 - There is an Element E in PI System with Atrributes A1 and A2
 - The attributes A1, A2  have as DataReference different PI Points
 - The type of atributte value is Double
 - The application App1 writes to PI and updates(changes, inserts) values of Element E(some or all attrubutes have new values)
 - The Application App2 receives notification when element E has changed


I tried to implement this use case in C# using Event Example described in the AF SDK reference. The example is written such that Events occur on the AFDatabase level


and I can not translate it onto level of AFElement. Also, when I try to call  FindChangedItems I always get that the number of cahnged Items is 0.


Can someone help me with my problem? Any hint is welcome.