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    PISDK - PointList.Data.Summary Error


      I have been trying to get PI values back for an array of tag names using the PointList.Data.Summary.  When I call the .Summary() i get an exception "Not Implemented".  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks.


      var ptList = new PointList();


      PointValues pointValues = null;


      NamedValues namedValues;




      for (int i = 0; i < CustomTagArray.Length; i++)








      pointValues = ptList.Data.Summary(StartDate, EndDate,ArchiveSummaryTypeConstants.astTotal, CalculationBasisConstants.cbTimeWeighted,out namedValues,null);

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          Hi Ron,


          I know from experience that not all members of the IPIData interface are implemented for point lists. What you could try is to cast your Data member to an IPIData2 interface and try to use the Summaries2 method. The signature is almost the same, but it has no out parameter. It returns the NamedValues collection.


          Kind regards,



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              PISDK didn't implement bulk summary calls, they're not implemented as suggested by the exception.


              We have to wait for AFSDK 2.6 to have bulk summary calls, even AFSDK 2.5 RDA doesn't have those.


              Even with AFSDK 2.6 you'll need to have a PI Server backend >= 3.4.390 to make use of the newer bulk RPCs that are exposed, otherwise the summaries are processed per PIPoint.