PI-ACE Recalcuations

Discussion created by mark.omeara on Oct 2, 2013
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I have a simple question, I am using ACE to calculate a stockpile. Quite simply the ACE calc adds 'produced' and subtracts 'reclaimed'. All is well.


However there is another input, called 'Adjustment' which allows a manual figure to be introduced to adjust the stockpile level - say based on a physical audit they find the stockpile level is 10 tonnes more than recorded. The issue is when this adjustment has to be backdated (e.g. last month) for auditing purposes. If I have the 'Adjustment' tag as a recalculation trigger on the ace context it will recalculate the calculation for that specific backdated date, however it will not then cascade through all subsequent calculations from then till now doing the recalculation.  To illustrate lets say the stockpile has been calculated at 10 t yesterday and 20 t today. An adjustment is made to add 10 t and backdated to yesterday.  PI Ace will recalc yesterdays figure but not todays resulting in: 20t yesterday and 20t today instead of 20 and 30 t.  I hope this makes sense.


Is there any way to automatically 'cascade' these calculations?