ProcessBook Automation

Discussion created by wallacejason on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by paory

Hi, I used to be able to create an instance of ProcessBook from VBScript using create object. I can't find the ProgID of the ProcessBook application (my registry is locked down here). Please can someone remind me what it is?




I need to do something along the lines of: 


app = CreateObject("OSIsoft.ProcessBook.3") ' Or whatever the correct ProgID was. 


disp = app..Displays.Open(sInputFile, True)


disp.Width = 1366


disp.Height = 768


disp.SaveAs(sOutputFile, pbpdFormatJPEG)




It used to be that the jpeg would only be rendered if ProcessBook was visible but I'm hoping that's been fixed. It seems to ignore my efforts to set the width and height. Pfffft.