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Discussion created by pisupportduke on Oct 8, 2013
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Within some ACE code, I need to extract attributes from a list of input tags (specifically userint1, userreal1 and userreal2). When running in DEBUG mode from my PC, the attributes are available. However, on the ACE server, they are not. As proof of same, I added the following code snippet:




ptSrv = psdk.Servers(sPoint.Server)
pPoint = ptSrv.PIPoints(sPoint.Tag)
pAttrs = pPoint.PointAttributes.GetAttributes


For Each pAtt In pAttrs
 Console.WriteLine("Attribute: " & pAtt.Name.ToString & ", value: " & pAtt.Value.ToString)


Simply enough, for a given point, provide a list of attributes and values. In debug, as I said, they all show up.


From the ACE server, the following has been extracted from the message file:


Attribute: descriptor, value: Strike Data
Attribute: pointid, value: 244851
Attribute: pointtype, value: 105
Attribute: tag, value: Strike 


Any ideas as to why they can't be seen?


I CAN modify the application to store the values in the MDB as properties, but that seems excessive...