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    "Data query Mode not supported"


      When I use GetPIarchiveData with "retrievaltype="interpolated" and an "AF:" path, I seem to get "Data query Mode not supported", unless the attribute  is a straight-forward "pi-point" attribute.


      I tested it with a paths to

      • a formula data reference which is dividing a pi value by 2
      • a pipoint attribute with a relative time offset 
      • a static value 

      these all worked for "retrievalmode= compressed" but gave "Data query Mode not supported"  when "retrievaltype="interpolated"


      am I doing something wrong or is this expected behaviour?


      I'm looking for something like the the functionality of  OLEDB-E InterpolateRange()  - to return values of an attribute at fixed interval within a time range - calling attribute.Getvalues.


      Is there any way of doing this ? or should I write my own web-service calling OLEDB-E or even direct to AF-Sdk ?

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          Hi Pete,


          Just want to let you know we are contacting developers regarding your question, we will post the answer here once we have an update. Thank you for your patience.

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              Hi Pete,


              We have received the answers from developers, sorry for the delay.


              Currently PI DS does not yet support the functionality you are asking for, however we are aware of the need of this functionality and our engineers are actively working on the new product release that contains this functionality. If your deadline is tight, the best way is to write your own layer on top of AFSDK or OLEDBE.