"Data query Mode not supported"

Discussion created by PeterJ on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by lZheng

When I use GetPIarchiveData with "retrievaltype="interpolated" and an "AF:" path, I seem to get "Data query Mode not supported", unless the attribute  is a straight-forward "pi-point" attribute.


I tested it with a paths to

  • a formula data reference which is dividing a pi value by 2
  • a pipoint attribute with a relative time offset 
  • a static value 

these all worked for "retrievalmode= compressed" but gave "Data query Mode not supported"  when "retrievaltype="interpolated"


am I doing something wrong or is this expected behaviour?


I'm looking for something like the the functionality of  OLEDB-E InterpolateRange()  - to return values of an attribute at fixed interval within a time range - calling attribute.Getvalues.


Is there any way of doing this ? or should I write my own web-service calling OLEDB-E or even direct to AF-Sdk ?