Issues deleting the snapshot with UpdateValues

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Oct 14, 2013
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I am using client AF 2.5 SP2 with RDA to delete data on PIPoint objects using AFUpdateOption.Remove.  A data admin will select a PIPoint and a time range.  There are issues I have if the snapshot is included in the time range (typically as the last value).


If I were to delete the snapshot using PIPoint.UpdateValue (singular), all is well.  If I were to requery the snapshot, a new one would appear.  This is what I now do in my own workaround after stumbling upon the main problem.  That problem is that if I delete the snapshot using PIPoint.UpdateValues (plural) and requery the snapshot, the old snapshot appears.  This was discovered because I have a verification step after the remove values call.  Conjecture: the old snapshot seems to be lingering in cache, or else the Snapshot hasn't been notified that it was altered.


So I do have a workaround for now but wanted to report this.  The workaround has added a few extra trips to the server.



  1. Get PIPoint
  2. Retrieve data within time range
  3. Delete data within time range


  1. Get PIPoint
  2. Get Snapshot 
  3. Retrieve data within time range (minus snapshot)
  4. Delete data within time range (minus snapshot)
  5. Delete snapshot