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    How to get all errors during CheckIn in AF



      When i Checkin in bulk multiple elements in AF, if there is an error (for example i try to modify element which is deleted in the meantime), exception is thrown but still all elements which are ok, are checked in.  My question is - is there a way to get all errors which have occured during the CheckIn operation? I'm asking this because if there are multiple errors the message in the exception object is only (it seems) for the first error.

      Thank you in advance! 

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          David Hearn

          The bulk checkin will perform the request in chunks of 200 elements by default to the server. It will stop on the first error, but some items may be successfully checked in before the error occurs if an earlier chunk of elements did not have an error. If there are multiple errors within the chunk being checked in, then only the first error is reported.