Begin and end values of an interval in AFData.PlotValues()

Discussion created by rzandvliet on Oct 16, 2013
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We are using

AFValuesPlotValues(AFTimeRangetimeRange, intintervals, UOMdesiredUOM)

to retrieve values for our trend plots. the AFSDK reference says the following:


For each interval, the data available is examined and significant values are returned. Each interval can produce up to 5 values if they are unique, the value at the beginning of the interval, the value at the end of the interval, the highest value, the lowest value and at most one exceptional point (bad status or digital state).


The min and max of an interval is clear, but users (business) are now asking how the begin and end value of an interval are defined/calculated. can we assume that the function is using interpolation to get the begin and end values of the end or begin of the interval is in between two archive values?