PI WS PlotValues behaviour

Discussion created by Bannikov on Oct 16, 2013
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We're retrieving data with PI Web Services using GetPIArchiveData with the following request

requests[j] = new PIArcDataRequest();
                requests[j].TimeRange = new TimeRange();
                requests[j].PIArcManner = new PIArcManner();
                requests[j].Path = trendPaths[j];
                requests[j].TimeRange.Start = ((HiChartVWP)Parent).StartTime;
                requests[j].TimeRange.End = ((HiChartVWP)Parent).EndTime;
                requests[j].PIArcManner.RetrievalType = PIArcMannerRetrievalType.PlotValues;
                requests[j].PIArcManner.NumValues = 10;
                requests[j].PIArcManner.Updates = false;

 Even though according to the PI WS manual, the highest number of points we can get in such a case is 50 (i.e. NumValues * 5), we can get a number higher than that (depending on a TimeRange). Hence the question: is our request wrong in some way, or is it PI WS that work in such a manner?