Processbook as a Desktop Application

Discussion created by mikeloria on Oct 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by Gregor

We recently have been embracing thin clients with PXE boot that run published desktop applications such as SCADA (Cimplcity , IFIX) and terminal client such as Reflections,... The application actually is running on a server and is provided via Windows Remote Desktop Published Applications. I have found that it is possible to provide Processbook in the same manner and even specify a particular display to open. To take it a step further, I am considering to publish Processbook directly from the PI Server(s). We have 2 servers in HA (primary and secondary) and I would load balance between the 2. The premise for this is that our servers are becoming more and more powerful. Our RAM, the number of CPUs, and the CPU power has doubled recently. I see no issue in doing this.


Can anyone see a drawback to this or an issue. Any comments or suggestions to this architecture? 


Thank you in advance for your feedback.