Move a database from one Server to other

Discussion created by VarbanVarbanov on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by gregor

Hi, all. Is it possible to move a database from one Server to other. I want to backup the "PIFD" Database by the "Management Server" from one Server and restore it at the other server (machine). And then to connect the new restored database to AF Server.


I tried three scenarios:


I scenario: I'd installed the AF Server at the target (second) machine and then deleted it default "PIFD" database before restoring my database


II scenario: I installed the AF Server at the target (second) machine after restoring  my database


III scenario: I'd created a second connection to my database from target machine, and then I performed the backup and restore process


Unfortunately in all three scenarios, the connection to the restored "PIDF" sql database from the AF server was unsuccessfully.


So, would somebody knows a workaround, that can help me!


Thanks a lot in advance